become the best version of yourself, for what?


I know I push this message pretty hard, to become the best version of ourselves is to realise our potential, is to fulfil our obligation to our people and collective (whomever that might be or whatever that might look like) — to do all of that is our greatest contribution to the world in this life…

but for what?

What’s the point of it all? What’s the actual meaning to any of it?

We’re the ones who’ve given life its meaning, that it should be this way and not that way.. we, as a society, have defined kawa (protocols) and tikanga (customs) to govern ourselves and while they may have been of divine origins, do we know the deeper meaning for it all? do we understand how the individual streams accumulate to merge into the greater flow of the awa (river) into the moana (sea)? or even beyond that,

what purpose do the awa and moana actually serve?!

What do they represent? what is the metaphorical awa we’re all contributing towards that feeds into the metaphorical moana? I’m not too sure.. lol but I think asking these types of questions keep us curious to seek ways that might potentially answer them…

Asking these types of questions also keeps us aligned to what’s truly important to us. it’s in these moments of wānanga, usually in solitude, where we might become aware of what purpose we can serve in this life, and what purpose this life serves us.

So in terms of ‘becoming the best versions of ourselves’ — it’ll take everything we’ve got… and in return, it’ll show us everything we are. if that’s not a role to serve, a reason for this all to exist… I’m not too sure what is?

Kei te mihi,


Hana TapiataComment