Tried everything but nothing's working?

If you didn’t pick up on those tree references in last weeks post, our atua for the next cycle is Tāne.

Tāne Mahuta is atua of the forest and all its creatures, and the atua of light;

he's responsible for separating his parents, son of the year, bringing forth Te Ao Marama (the world of light) in the process.. it was Tāne who retrieved the baskets of knowledge* from the heavens, which also prompted the creation of Hineahuone - the first woman. 

We have a few weeks to go through his CV, so we'll start at the beginning; te putanga i te pō ki te whaiao, ki te ao marama, when darkness became light.

In the beginning, when Ranginui (sky) and Papatuanuku (earth) were in a tight embrace; their children started to become restless and uncomfortable and so devised plans to free themselves from the prison they'd been born into. Tumatauenga suggested to kill their parents, but was convinced to chill the heck out and reluctantly joined the 'push our parents apart and separate them' waka (wagon) instead.

Each of the brothers tried and failed...

They pushed with all their might; they dug their heels into the ground, pressed their shoulders up against the sky - but to no avail. That was until Tāne changed it up and tried an unconventional method to solving his and his brothers' problem.

He laid down on the ground, lifted his feet up and placed them on his father's chest with his shoulders firmly against Papatuanuku. The change of position meant he could absorb more weight and generate enough force to push apart and finally separate his parents. Queue, Te Ao Mārama..

Who would've thought that if you put yourself into uncomfortable, awkward positions, looked at the problem  from a different angle, or changed your approach to try something you've never done before would lead to success or achieving your goal?

So, does that mean lie on your back and push your problems away? Maybe, I mean yoga and time with Papatuanuku is really calming, soothing and might be exactly what you need..

Orrrrrr, maybe in the same way that lying on your back gives you a different perspective of the world - a change in perspective, getting creative and innovative with ideas and getting into a position with your back against the wall, is the exact type of foundation you need to manifest your vision into existence;

mai i te pō, ki te whaiao, ki te ao marama..

from darkness into the light.

Kia ora tātou


*Higher knowledge is also another form of light; enlightenment.