what is your environment reinforcing about the world?


Over the last moon cycle we’ve observed relationships on different layers, and as we transition into a new kaupapa (theme) for the new cycle, understanding our relationship with our environment seemed like a smooth transition.

We’re shaped by our environment, what we see, what we experience, what we feel — whakapapa.  We descend from the natural environment, we have a biological and spiritual connection to it — whakapapa.  We’re the culmination of all that has been and all that’s still to come — whakapapa. 

— ancestry and genealogy, process and connection.

So if we’re thinking about whakapapa, about how different streams come into the one puna (pool).. how different experiences, decisions and moments culminate in exactly who we are at this point in time.. for example, the whakapapa of how things unfolded for Cass and I. The decisions that were made or not made, the experiences, the wānanga that contributed to where and who we are now.

I’ve come to call this the whakapapa effect*. Observing and seeking to understand the effect whakapapa (process, connections) have on us, on a situation etc. So what is the effect our environment has on us?

Have you ever thought about what your environment reinforces about the world?

About yourself? About what you’re capable of? What your potential is? While you’re being all aspirational, let your mind wander and think about your bedroom. You think about your own room, I’ll think about mine, k? Anyway, see it in your mind and think, does it reinforce ‘this is a sleep haven’ or is I more like, this is a comfier place to do work.. and eat... and catch up on my shows... and when it gets too late, I’ll go to sleep... amongst other things..

Have we made our sleeping environment an everything place? Is it super stimulating, making it difficult to get to sleep or have a restful sleep at that?

What effect does this have on our health?

If that’s the bedroom environment, what about the many other spaces and places we find ourselves in? At work, other rooms at home, at tech, at school, on social media, in our own minds even… what do those environments mirror back to us about what’s possible, what’s good or not good in the world?

Over this next week (if you weren’t already), reflect on those spaces and how they make you feel, what they evoke in you.. and start to put together what an ideal environment might be like — to help you get the most out of you.

Kia ora rawa atu,


*Also the name of my multimedia show and radio show on Moana Radio. Neat aye.

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