feedback: you need it to grow.


Let’s be mature about it. First you need to recognise whose feedback is worth receiving and listening to and whose is not. That takes a little experimenting with, and another thing to keep in mind is to notice when people and their feedback have served their purpose and no longer add value - however, a wānanga (discussion/deliberation) for another day..

But just really quickly, close your eyes (after reading this sentence) and let your mind drift off to something you’ve really wanted to do, to create, to experience, to have, to give… focus on it and sit with those thoughts and feelings for a little bit.  See the thing (whatever it is) as clear and as vividly as you can,

now go make it a reality.

“It’s not that simple, Hana” or whatever thought you just had… what was that? What’s preventing you from going after what you want, manifesting it and living it?! 

Because it’s one thing to imagine, to visualiseand to conceptually/theoretically ‘experience’ that which we want… but it’s another thing altogether to combine that theory with the actual lived experience. It’s one of the many differences between the phases of Te Kore and Te Pō: formless, potential, thought, unknown, darkness, and Te Ao Mārama: enlightenment, world of light, physical manifestation.

It’s only when you transition your aspirations from their origins in Te Kore, through to Te Pō and into Te Ao Mārama, from an idea/theory through the process of coming together and forming a prototype or pilot experiment, that you receive the feedback you need to develop the thing, to develop yourself into what you could be

 - to realise your potential.

You limit yourself by not taking action, because you can only think the way you think. Inviting feedback means humbling yourself to news you may not want to hear.  It means swallowing pride that there may be a better way.. taking ownership for your faults, mistakes and shortfalls.. making yourself vulnerable and allowing people to see a small part of you, exposed.

But how has not taking feedback and keeping all your dreams and aspirations to yourself been working for you so far? Maybe hold onto that way of doing things a little bit longer and see if your situation changes at all..

It’s your life, kei a koe, do as you will.

Tēnā tātou,


Hana TapiataComment