He kai kei aku ringa: my abilities and resources are abundant

Currently, my kete (basket) is super full with enthusiasm, the eagerness is overflowing, and the obsession to create a thriving business is peaking - and leaving me sleepless! I feel like I'm gaining momentum in establishing my business; focusing on exactly what I need to learn, improving my  prioritisation skills and learning how to master my craft.  

"Kua tahuri te kei o taku waka." 

my direction (focus) has shifted.

I have the drive to be a super successful entrepreneur (for this context; in demand, earning good coin, having time-freedom, in the business of what I love to do) = awesome. I have an idea on how to do a few things and I am blessed to have amazing humans in my life who offer their brilliance to make up for where I lack (as I acknowledged in the previous blog post) = cool story...so what?

With the influx of new information currently in line to be processed in my brain, it's easy to see how overwhelming this process of starting a business might be. There's the "business"; sales, advertising, marketing and everything else that falls under those umbrellas. The craft; what my business is. In my case - photography. Then there's the personal side of things; confidence, conviction that I believe in what I'm doing, determination to grow and learn (may appear to some as failure - if so, change your thinking and to be explored further in upcoming posts).

Behind the scenes with Charly and her passion for creating art in the form of jewellery making

Filtering through my newfound knowledge, I still felt like there was something missing... I wasn't able to put a word to it but it just felt like a lack of something.

Then, my 'Aha!' moment came. My brother sent me a link to Peter McKinnon, a YouTube vlogger who posts up awesome content and tips about photography, and cinematography while providing quality visuals to match - this guy knows his stuff. As any YouTube session goes, one video leads to another and another and it was about video #11 that hit the mark,

"Your gear is useless. everyone already has what they need in here (their mind)... it's just a matter of how you unlock it and the tools you're gonna use to portray that.''

He dropped a few other pearls of wisdom then after processing it all, I realised, this was it! The missing link, the feeling of lacking something was some kind of validation to just start and do what I set out to do. 'I don't have the right lens to take the better photos', or 'I don't know what time you're supposed to blingin' post anything on Facebook to reach your target audience..' It'll surely stay that way if I don't experiment and find what works for me and my business.

"He kai kei aku ringa"

My abilities and resources are abundant

The best equipment, is what you have. As you get better and grow with your craft and business, your resources and networks will allow for you to upgrade gear, purchase scheduling assistants, whatever! But what you have right now is exactly what you should be applying to your craft, business, your life!  Ideas are nice, but everyone has ideas. It's in the execution and testing where you find out what's really gonna work for you. 

Behind the scenes with Charly and her passion for creating art in the form of jewellery making

act. learn. build. repeat. or in other words..experiment (make mistakes), readjust focus and approach, apply new learning, repeat.

Prepare yourself of course and try to put out your best work each time, then as you learn and grow you'll get a feel for what works for you and what doesn't, or how to make things more efficient, what to cut out etc. So don't get  too caught up on perfect, for where you are right now and the level of consciousness you have - you're probably doing the best you can. What are you doing right now that contributes to your goal? What are the small steps you're taking and making to realise your dreams? Make it happen.