Hineahuone is a prime example: we have everything we need.

New moon cycle, new perspectives, new understandings... 

If you've learned anything this year, if you've had new and different experiences, if you've changed the way you do things.. it'd be pretty hard to say that you're still the same person.

Well, you are. You're still you, but you know - different.

everything I experience in my life is get-through-able and as cliche and annoying as it sounds - meant to happen. Hana Photography, 2017.

We strip away behaviours, people and actions that don't contribute positively to our haerenga (journey). We acquire new understandings of the world around us and new understandings of the world within us; how and why we act a certain way..

We learn to accept that there are things we cannot control, we accept that not everything will go our way and that failing - as much as it hurts - is inevitable.

I've felt a shift in my thinking, towards a sense of knowing that everything I experience in my life is get-through-able and as cliche and annoying as it sounds - meant to happen. Let me break it down with the help of my girl,


Hineahuone was the first woman, fashioned from the earth at Kurawaka.* In addition, the various atua (gods, celestial beings) gave themselves to her. For example, we see Tāwhirimatea (winds) in our bodies as our respiratory system, Tumatauenga (war, man) as our muscles, Whiro (misfortune) as disease and infection and so on..

She wasn't given anything for shits and gigs, or because the atua wanted a laugh. She was built for purpose and every single part of her being, had its function.

When you think of it like “hmm ok, so the first woman was created into this perfect being by the atua, with everything she needed and nothing she didn't” and you trace that whakapapa (genealogy) all the way back to you...

Fashioned from the earth, created by atua: Hineahuone was given everything she needed, nothing she didn't. The same goes for you. Hana Photography, 2017.

You realise that the same applies to you! 

You were built for purpose, it's up to you to realise what that is. BUT! When you look at the physical features you were born with, your whakapapa, your interests, your skills and what you're drawn to and start to put all the pieces together, you start to realise that you have everything you need to get to where you want to go.

Kia kaha, you got this. 

Be safe over the holidays, tell your people you love them - and love yourself.



*We'll get into this in more detail with future posts.