this isn't a New Years resolution, it's whakapapa in action.

Ngā mihi o te tau hou Pākeha, New Years blessings! 

The hype might have worn off a little by now, four days later.. the 'see you next year' jokes well and truly over cooked, and ya might slowly be phasing back into regular routine or 'reality'...

Ok, that's enough stating the obvious (had to) but did you set a New Years resolution?

Is assessing your life once a year enough? Hana Photography, North Beach, 2017.

I've been going through the process myself, taking little bits from different models out there and experimenting to see what type of approach works best for me in particular. It's just like a diet, the method that worked for Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) obviously didn't work for their kids... so rather than write it off and say 'I'm not doing a NY's resolution because they don't work' no, you sad sack what you tried didn't work for you, just try something different and if that doesn't work, good news! You just found another way that won't work in a sea of possibilities. Dust yourself and your bad attitude off, and go try again.

Anyway, I came across this idea the other day and although it wasn't about resolutions, the same idea applies;

“over time, either the cause becomes irrelevant, or the system becomes irrelevant to the cause.”

This overrides just a New Years resolution, it applies to any change in our lives..

You know what I'm talking about; you outgrew your particular group of friends, your behaviours and actions - your cause became irrelevant, so you created a new one. Or the systems and processes you had in place to live life had become obsolete because you didn't realise you'd levelled up - and those systems don't work here.

Hineahuone was the catalyst for change.

We are whakapapa in action. Hana Photography, North Beach, 2017.

She was created for the very purpose that the atua's cause became irrelevant; their cause, their mission, changed. We're whakapapa in action, so yup you guessed it - the same applies to us.

Whatever resolutions you've set for 2018 - isn't just about 2018, why do you limit yourself like that.. This year and every year before, are only small pieces of the bigger picture, just part of your whakapapa (process).

You're whakapapa (ancestry, process) in action! The culmination of thousands of years of creating and recreating something new. Make like Hineahuone and fashion yourself into something the world has never seen before, something the world never knew it needed to transcend itself.

Kia ora, thank you,



*If you did, I'd love to hear them. Send 'em thru! We can keep each other accountable?