I just found out I'm rich

Nan and Koro sharing stories. Priceless.

As part of my weekly routine, I go through my notes and files to filter through the relevant, useful stuff that makes sense, and the irrelevant, I-don't-have-a-clue-what-this-is-about notes to throw away. During this process, some of the past material I’ve taken notes of, stretching back to 2012, included posts about my training; reps, exercises, PRs. Entries about whakapapa (genealogy) and pepeha (tribal connections). But what I found most astounding, were the posts that are almost identical to what I’m applying and implementing in my life now.

Plot twist: I consciously and physically took these notes myself, I’ve had access to this information for the last 5 years (probably more), yet it’s taken until now to action it? I've been sitting on gold this whole time and what, I’d just forgotten about it?? Good one Hana, nice.

That was the first thought anyway; what was I doing then that was more important than working on understanding myself and self-mastery, pursuing passions etc.? 

Then I started to think of this revelation more proactively because there's no return (of investment) in dwelling on something. I shifted my perspective to approach it this way; what's different about me now compared to me five years, two or even 1 year ago how I can accept this awesome knowledge and know how (or be willing) to utilise it? 

I was on a roll, I was getting excited and the thoughts to follow were in appreciation of the process. Heck I might have to change the name of this blog to that, I preach it enough. Ha it's just I place so much value in the process of everything; mahi (work), relationships, growth... You feel me?  Anyway, during the last five years I've been exposed to awesome and insightful speakers, people, kaupapa (projects, purpose, events) and more, but Hana of those times was in a different phase of the process. Something like a sponge, soaking in all that information (to store it for a later date apparently). Fast forward and take a look at Hana now; seen it all, know it all (LOL), confident to take on new useful information and figure out a way to apply it.

A realisation for myself after all this was, what do you do when you realise the thing, isn’t really the thing. You know what I'm talking about, the thing....

This book will be what I need to…

This is the client that will get me …

That job will …

This post is gonna be ... 

Iritekura, Waipiro Bay.

There’s a hope that something or someone will be the thing that makes it for us. It'll make the millions, bring the happiness, inspire positive change. Take a second to consider this: What if all those are part of the thing, what if they're building blocks that help shape who you are, what you do etc. From the people we meet, the books we read, the information we tune into, the quotes we put on our walls to the notes we take. What if they're all pieces of the puzzle that we collect to fill our kete (basket, kit) to pull out when we're ready to use 'em.

For example, speaking Maori isn't the only thing that makes up being Maori. It's part of it, sure. Just like the whakairo (carvings), the protocols, haka and values are other things that contribute to being Maori. Here's another perspective, the Gestalt theory; 

"an organised whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts."

All the things on their own are just that, things. An arm or a leg by itself is amputated and can't do much, really. Attach it to a torso, with other limbs, a head maybe and you're good to go, you have a body. So when you begin to look at your things like they're connected, pieces of the same puzzle and not just rely on one thing as your saving grace, you'll begin to realise how rich you really are.

I just found out I'm rich because I'm redefining my wealth. I've been gathering pieces of gold (knowledge and information) all along to add to my fortune. Little did I know that I was making an investment every time I took one of those notes or met new people and shared ideas together. The only catch as there always is; this wealth is worthless unless it's applied to something. My man Napoleon Hill breaks it down like:

"Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy end."

How can I apply what I've learned and sourced to action?

So you think you're cool because you know something huh? There are millions of people who went to sleep, took their knowledge with them without acting on it, who will never wake up. Urupā (cemeteries, graves) have the most potential wealth out of anywhere and it's only potential because those people didn't share their knowledge or didn't apply it to their lives - of course there are people who have passed way and  contributed their wisdom to the world, but a lot didn't which is what I'm saying. Don't be one of them.

Take your natural talents and abilities you were born with, top it up with the information and skills you've gathered along your journey and work on how to apply it to your life in your own way. I've read heaps of articles about how to write a blog post and I've taken only what I feel fits my style and have created this magic. Realise the potential wealth you're sitting on and figure out what works for you to turn it into real gold and riches. You may not have it all figured out, but piece by piece, you'll begin to see the bigger picture.

Nga mihi,