I just found out I'm rich: another perspective

To add another perspective to yesterday’s latest blog post,

Over the years, I’ve made the following notes (which will likely become future blog posts, get excited):

“I am because we are. I am here because my family is here” (May 2013, unsure what the kaupapa (subject, event) was but it’s about acknowledging whakapapa (ancestry))

“How can I be the best I can be if I don't know what 'I' is? How can I be the best I can be if I don't know what 'I' can be?” (June 2013, not sure what this was about. I often think like this, deeeeeep)

“Don't let mainstream points of view dictate cultural meaning” (May 2014. During a visit with TPTOTA to Hawaii. Topic; men performing hula. Which in my opinion is fierce, strong, powerful and masculine as hell. Tune into Merrie Monarch Festival and you’ll know what I mean)

“Belief in the manifestation that our desire to do the right thing is greater than our desire to do just something.” (February 2016, pretty sure this was from a book I was reading, or from a wananga)

Whakaaro (tought): By sending these ideas of this nature out to the universe, I have as a result, allowed these beliefs to return to me. “The Law of Attraction.” You could say I’ve predicted my future by carefully selecting the ideas and beliefs I choose to allow into my system. This one right here is my favourite,

“Visualise as if its already happened” (April 2013)

Change your thoughts, change your future. Change your actions, change your life