Knowledge isn't always power..

Take a second to look at our environment and how it's set up; Ranginui (Sky Father) above, with Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) below.  Now,  take a look at your body.  Figuratively, or literally,

just take a moment.  

We're shaped by our environment and when you whakapapa (descend) from it as well, it's like a personal guide of how to navigate the world, so now consider how our tinana (body) mirrors our environment.  Our feet are what connect us to Papatuanuku; we ground ourselves to a steady, firm foundation and affirm our purpose and values in whatever we do and who we are.  Vibing with this whakaaro, our minds and intellect represent our association to Ranginui.  This is also supported by Tāne (atua of the forest, light and knowledge) and his ascent up to the heavens to retrieve the baskets of knowledge from the realm of Ranginui; the twelve heavens.

So is Tāne the atua of knowledge,

or is he atua of the pursuit and applying of knowledge? 

And should knowledge, intellect and things relating to the mind come under the domain of Ranginui? Perhaps, perhaps not?  That's one for you to decide, because the more I'm looking into Ranginui and analysing what his stories could mean, the more I realise I don't know.  This atua blog series is really interesting and I don't know what influences what: the phase of life I'm in, or the atua I choose to observe and learn from.  Because it's pretty ironic that this particular atua represents knowledge and I declare 'not knowing' haha or at least not as much as I thought I did.  

I've been so much like Tāne lately, trying to pursue more and more and obtain all this knowledge about different things, that I haven't really made the time to consider why? Let alone reflect on how I could utilise the knowledge I've obtained for purpose.. I've been so focused on doing and getting the mahi (work) done, that I've compromised productive time with Ranginui, to filter through the knowledge I've accumulated and put energy into only purposeful, meaningful, enjoyable kaupapa (projects, initiatives, causes).  

Like inaccurately acknowledging Tāne as the atua of knowledge instead of Ranginui,


I began to identify myself as synonymous with my pursuit of knowledge and 'doing'...

I found that I had to be doing something to feel of value and have meaning in my life, rather than 'being' myself and being ok with that.  Being ok with not knowing and with things always flowing the way they're meant to.  Even when how I mean and how the universe mean things to happen often contradict, it's all ok.

Ngā mihi,