Why letting go feels a lot like being torn apart.

In the time I've been writing about atua (elemental forces, celestial beings) - Ranginui (Sky Father) has been the most difficult and challenging but equally rewarding for me.  Pretty sure I mention that as often as possible lol but I've learned SO much about myself throughout this process, that it seems to  end our series with one of my favourite learnings.

Ranginui was forced to let go, and by 'forced', he and his wife Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) were severed from each other,  by their tamariki (children) so that they might experience their potential.  The opportunity and decision was kinda out of his hands, really, and it ended the phases of Te Pō and brought forth Te Ao Mārama, the world of light.  Rangi and Papa's embrace and closeness to each other was the sacrifice that has allowed us to be here today.  Like I mentioned earlier, they didn't have much of a choice - but if we can look at this pūrākau (myth, legend) as a reservoir of metaphors and knowledge, we can draw some pretty insightful whakaaro (concepts) about

the growth process and what might be required from us to experience our potential.

If and when you have a vision for the ideal life, job, partner, *insert desire here* that you want - it's a little out of reach, otherwise you'd have it already and wouldn't have to visualise and fantasise about it, right? Either you don't yet have the adequate knowledge, skills or capacity to obtain what you want.  IF you're proactive and determined, you take it upon yourself to become the person who has the knowledge, skills and capacity to make that vision a reality.

“you've changed”

- People who expect you to stay  the same while you pursue your vision and dreams

I just want to make it clear that I  believe there's a difference between changing 'because you've lost yourself in the hype' and changing 'because you've developed and refined your skills and narrowed your focus to only the things that truly matter to  you  and your purpose.'  Huge difference in my opinion, because how could you remain  the same; doing what you've always done, thinking how you always have - and obtain what's out of your reach?  

You must let go of old habits, thoughts, behaviours, relationships, beliefs and such to make room so you can obtain new ones that will get you where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to have and give in life.  And if they're all attributes you've had for a while, it'll feel a lot like you're being torn apart.  It hurts to let go, and sometimes you don't know how - but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.  

If your faith in your kaupapa and in yourself is true, you'll know what needs to be held onto and what must be let go - and I guarantee it'll suck and hurt a lot.  You already know how the story goes, trust that no matter how much it hurts, if you want to bring your vision to life, you're gonna have to let go of something.

Ngā mihi,