the level of thinking that has brought you this far in life has created some problems that this level of thinking cannot solve

Last week I shared an insight into how I kickstart the healing and reset phase of the growth process by bringing it all the way in and focusing on my core - not my abs core, obviously lol my core as in the foundations upon which I build my identity and purpose, my mauri (life essence).

“he kai kei aku ringa”

“there is an abundance in my hands”

was on repeat as I worked on quietening my mind to all the suuuper important things screaming for my attention - which unsurprisingly, was everything and part of the catalyst to my near implosion. It's funny, in the least funny way, because I already know I’m number one* and that I need to do certain things and not do other things to keep me in an optimal space mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically - I know that! That’s kohanga reo (kindergarten) level.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this, but it's like.. how else do I say it, “life happens.”  Opportunities come up and they're so awesome, of course you can't say no and end up overextending yourself.   Stuff happens  and you shuffle your life around to make do and you start giving more of yourself to everyone and everything else that you have nothing left to replenish #1 - yourself.  You're on the grind, hustling and being a rockstar, living your best life... hah so you thought.

Because a few days, weeks or months later, reality starts to hit ya and all of a sudden you're in a hole you didn't even know you'd dug yourself into.  You were trying to level up, using outdated systems and processes. Trying to solve today's problems with yesterday's thinking.  Trying to live your best life with basic, mediocre tools and resources.  

The pressure builds up and has nowhere else to go but however it can, like how Rūaumoko (volcanoes, earthquakes) rumbles and shakes, has his haka and brings forth eruptions and shockwaves throughout the earth. Maybe he's just stretching and being playful? Or maybe he's expressing his frustration towards his brothers for abandoning him - either way,

it's a process of relieving built up pressure.

Is it necessary? Yes and no. If the level of thinking that has brought you this far in life has brought you this far, surely it can take you further to where you want to go, who you want to be and what you want to do? That's a no from me, and from Einstein whose quote this is, because; “the level of thinking that has brought you this far in life has created some problems that this level of thinking cannot solve.”

You get to different points in your life where how you've been doing things are now redundant. You'll get frustrated and the pressure will build up in areas of your life because what used to work doesn't anymore. Your go-to got no more go in it for where you're heading.. What you've been doing and how you've been doing has got you this far, and if this is how far you want to go in your life - congratulations, that's beautiful and I wish you the best. 

If it's not, have your haka. Let the pressure and frustrations out, get your stretch on and clear that energy out of your system - because you're gonna need all the space to grow into who you're meant to be.

Kia ora rawa atu,



*my number one priority