Tangaroa & Te Marama: what's going on there?

So, this blog is aligned to the moon, right? Every new moon, we introduce a new kaupapa (theme), a new atua, and we look at some different perspectives to try understand our environment* better; and ultimately, gain a better understanding of ourselves.

You know who else has a close relationship with Te Marama° (moon)?


Tamanui (sun) also has an effect on him, but because he's so far away, Te Marama has the most pull. 

Think back to Hineahuone and how she was given something by all the atua when she was created; let's have a look at Tangaroa's contribution. Close your eyes (figuratively because you still have to read), and think of all the different fluids within your tinana (body); from your blood to your sweat, urine and even the tears you cry; ko Tangaroa tērā i roto i a koe, that's a physical form of Tangaroa within you.

That's pretty neat aye, we're made up of all these different atua - like being atua is a birthright or something.. 

ANYWAY! Hold onto that whakaaro (idea) and think of how there are ideal days for planting, fishing and harvesting kai (food), right? But have you ever wondered why that is?

Don't worry, I got you. It's due to the way Te Marama influences the structure of the water within the organism itself, which affects the energy and vitality in the plants, fish, soil and other life forms in our environment.

We're roughly 80% water, so Tangaroa has a lot to do with how function; which means Te Marama has a lot to do with it as well.

Regardless of your sex, do you notice any changes in your mood at different times of the month? Are there days you feel more energetic or lethargic than others - even on a steady/consistent routine? Are you more productive on some days than others? 

For me, I've become more aware that around Whiro, the new moon isn't the best time to be annoying and push my buttons (you know who you are) and that my productivity levels around this time are quite poor as well.

Before, I'd just get hoha (annoyed) and stay that way for a while, but I'm getting better at identifying earlier when I start to get irritated easily - I'll check the moon and sure enough, we're heading into the new moon phases.

What this awareness of the relationship between the moon and Tangaroa does; is allow me to conduct myself appropriately to maximise my efforts and energy in a way that is more harmonious and balanced with the natural environment i.e.

“I can get more done when I'm in my peak state for productivity and I can focus on other non productivity-based kaupapa (projects) when I'm not”

The relationship is different for everyone, so don't just decide 'oh nah can't do that because - new moon..soz' if you're sweet and function well during that time. 

But what you should decide, is to become more aware of the moon phases (amongst all the other influences from the environment) and observe how they affect Tangaroa within you. Figure out when you're most productive, most lazy, most creative etc. and adjust your life accordingly. 

That's optimal health and wellbeing. That's your peak state. That's performing at your highest and best capacity. That's realising potential. That's whakapapa.

Ngā mihi,



*Our atua are personifications of the natural environment. The energies that makes up each element.

°Just quickly, Te Marama is known as the moon and often referred to as the male energy of the moon, with Hina (also the name of this blog) the female element. However, there is some variation across the different iwi (tribes), i.e. Hina is known as Tangaroa's daughter who married Te Marama.