how do we transition well, from one thing to the next?


Whiro’s upon us, so it’s time to transition from the current theme (environment) to the new one — well, transitions..

They happen all the time.  We transition from asleep to awake, one app or device to the next, one job to the next or unemployment, being single to being in a relationship or vice versa, tamariki to rangatahi, no kids to parenthood, school to whatever comes after that… there are so many transitions happen in our lives

— have you taken notice of the transitions you’ve experienced?

Some are smooth, like a river flowing seamlessly around and through the mountain ranges.  Then others are like when that river suddenly turns the corner and drops 30m into a waterfall, straight into rapids and you’re left with a few bumps and bruises (literally and figuratively) once you’re out the other side..

They’re in our creation story — how we transitioned from darkness to light, from the unknown to enlightenment.  Whakapapa (genealogy) is a transition from our tupuna (ancestors) to us and onto our mokopuna (future generations).  Whakapapa (process) is a transition from one thing to something else, one way of thinking to a more refined and developed way, who we were to who we might be.

It’s an exciting time in our history with what’s being stirred up and rising to the surface.. not just here in Aotearoa but around the world as the conscious uprising gains more momentum and we’re waking up (some faster than others) to the injustices, discrepancies, corruption, social and environmental impact of our behaviours and everything in between. And in all of that mamae

— we’re waking up to the power we have to determine what kind of life we want to lead.

What kind of life we want to contribute to and foster for those we’ll never get to meet (in this physical world) and perhaps in doing so, we might fulfil the potential our tupuna aspired for us.

If whakapapa is anything to go by, there were at least 70 phases of Te Kore (phases of potential/energy) before Te Pō (phases of darkness) and a minimum 70 of Te Pō before Te Ao Mārama (phases of light). So I’m guessing patience and compassion will be right up there, as we transition from who, where and what we were, to who, where and what we aspire to be.

As individuals, as whānau (families), as iwi (tribes), as a nation, as a global collective. So how will you ensure you transition well and bring others along too? And we must transition and evolve our thinking in some way because “if we do how we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got” and how things have been going….. it’s not good enough.

We must do better — what’s the alternative?

Tēnā tātou,


Hana TapiataComment