instead of asking, what next? ask how are you going to prepare for whatever 'next' is?

It’s been an incredible ride so far. Having more time to rest lately has allowed me some space to take in what’s actually been happening over the last few weeks and months and process through the different learnings I’ve been able to experience and grow through and far out, it’s been something else. In the very best way. So grateful. Check this out,

Seven months ago, the book never existed. Five months ago, I was still in Perth. Three months ago…

Something would’ve happened lol there was a theme going and I didn’t want to ruin it. Anyway, from seven-ish months of intense focus and energy to try bring a book to life, becoming the person who brings a book to life, moving back home, ancestral games events, starting new mahi, getting back into rugby and other little things in between, I’m enjoying the other side of it and having less mahi outside of me to focus on and more time for internal systems and processing work. I haven’t been intentionally focusing on what my next kaupapa (cause, initiative) will be, because there were other things I needed to do first, in order to prepare myself for the next adventure.

But I remember at the book launch in September, someone asked ‘so, what’s next?’

and I was taken back, I thought it was the most bizarre thing to ask, considering I’d just finished THIS kaupapa (project). Mind you, I’d only planned my life up until that night hahaha so that’s probably why I thought it was bizarre, but my first reaction was ‘to enjoy the moment right now, then probably some sleep…’ I didn’t really get that though, oh I did… but not to the degree I wanted to, because there’s a lot more to writing a book than the writing - especially if you self-publish.* There was preparing the waste-free shipping, setting up various accounts, prepping orders and admin side of things which my overconfidence was not aware of initially… it’s all been fun and the perfect experience and insight for upcoming books over the next five years. A huge learning experience I couldn’t get anywhere else, but flip, it took a lot out of me…

It took for me to go back to Hawaii, to have my first proper break that lasted more than a day, it was amazing. It makes sense to me that I had to go back home, to my tupuna (ancestors) to heal. It was the catalyst to this phase of reflection, processing and healing I’m currently in now. I’ve been able to make sense of some ideas, I’ve got rid of a ton of thoughts and beliefs and even relationships that had grown as far as they could. I’ve been working on designing my ideal life: clearing out in every way, from material items and habits to rituals etc., in order to make room for more of what aligns to my ‘best life.’

Because how could I do the next thing, whatever it is°, if I’m still carrying and practicing ineffective habits, thought processes and values? Trusting the process is one thing, but knowing the process and living it is another. So whatever kaupapa you’re working on, just finished or you’re think about ‘what next’ for you - maybe take a second to review how you’re doing things and ask yourself instead,

how are you going to prepare for whatever 'next' is?

Nāku noa,


*I’ve almost finished the blog and vlog about this, so I’ll leave the details for that post.

°I know what it is, and it’s freakn awesome. A little more refining and I’ll be able to share. Get. Ex. Cited.

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