are some roles more important than others?


We’re transitioning outta transitions (recent kaupapa), into our new kaupapa,  whatwith Hina disappearing from the night sky, going into Whiro (new moon).  A timely sign for this blog to direct kōrero (discussions), whakaaro (thinking) and wānanga towards a different kaupapa.

Over the past moon cycle, we looked at transitions from all different angles and perspectives… hopefully, what came across is that transitions are happening all the time, on a micro and macro level. Some take less than a second, some take years… there are transitions within transitions — it’s growth, it’s life, it’s natural.  There are ways to transition well, and ways to improve too lol.  But anyway, enough about that….

When I started thinking about what our next kaupapa would be, it came from the transition kōrero about different roles we have at different points in our lives.  From being a learner, to ok-ish, to expert.  From being a child to becoming an adult, single to being in a partnership, working at one place and then another etc. We fill different roles and we wear different hats all throughout our lives.

The transition looked at the overall process, so for the next cycle, we’re going to bring it in and focus on the snapshot moments in time.. the roles we have, whether as the amorangi ki mua (the leader, steward in front) or hāpai ō (supporters behind the scenes). As teina (younger sibling) or as tuakana (elder sibling).  Wahine (women) and tāne (men), writer and reader, and so on.

There are different roles in our communities and not everyone can do all of them. well, to the standard they should be adhered to.*  If we’re giving all our energy to all the different kaupapa, we’re guaranteeing our demise and burnout — then we end up giving no energy to any kaupapa.. I’m pretty sure we don’t want that.

Where did the whakaaro come from that we need to do and be everything? That we have to be leading kaupapa or in an executive position to be involved and engaged? Can we influence decisions if we’re not in those roles? How do we protect mauri (essence, life principle) and that of the kaupapa when we take on new roles?  How do we serve our role well in spaces that don’t value the contributions we make?

Ahhhhh all the questions for you, for us to sit with and wānanga over the next week  as we set the foundation for the new kaupapa moving forward. 

Kia kakama tātou,


*happy to correct this statement and learn your secrets ha so if this is you though lol lemme know.

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