Feeling hoha? Blame Whiro*

*Don't blame him, take responsibility for who you are and how you're feeling - like we've talked about for the past month.. but it might pay to understand who Whiro is and the role he plays with your energy levels. Put this idea on a low heat, let simmer for a bit..

I feel like I’m in a different space, and the way I develop ideas is changing. Nō reira, therefore, the next few chapters in our blog haerenga (journey) will follow different atua (deity, god, celestial being) and their various expressions. This came from some recent wānanga (internalisation) of trying to figure out why I was getting hōhā (frustrated, irritated) repeatedly, and an attempt to understand myself and the way I process, better.

As I started with the problem-solving process, Whiro came to mind. Whiro is the atua associated with all things negative and bad; disease, evil and darkness. He's most popular for being the father of insects, bats and some species of birds, or you may have seen him before, as the embodiment of scabs, disease and sickness.

Fun guy, right? He wasn't always this way.. His little brother, Tāne, cut his lunch (stole his glory) and accomplished so many great feats°, which left Whiro jealous, bitter and resentful. He must have taken 'you do you, boo' literally and embraced his ill-feelings to become the authority over all the yuck energy in the world. 

Whiro for Atua of the Year, can I get a whoop whoop..

I mentioned earlier, that you should blame Whiro if you're feeling hōhā (annoyed, frustrated) and that whakaaro (concept) should be simmering along well now. Whiro is within all of us˘ (some more than others, but hey) and if we have the awareness to identify his presence; when we're feeling low or fostering ill energy towards someone or something, we can take steps to manage how we handle that space, or even to minimise the influence Whiro has within us altogether.

Identify what Whiro looks, feels, sounds and tastes like for you in your life and what triggers his arrival, or what enables his long-term stay in your life. 

Kia kaha, you got this.


°Separating his parents and bringing about Te Ao Mārama (world of light), retrieving the kete o te wānanga (baskets of knowledge) to name a few.

˘All of the atua gave part of themselves to the first woman, Hineahuone, as she was created.