You work your whole life, did you live any of it?

We're shaped by our environment, I think we've cleared that up; our experiences, where we grow up and live, what/who we're exposed to, play a role in the people we become. Add to that the goldly knowledge that we also whakapapa (descend from, trace our origins) to our environment (nature AND nurture, subject of the previous post). No doubt you've probably seen the motivational quotes and pics,

You are what you eat. You are what you think. You are who you surround yourself with. You are your experiences. You are the universe. You are.

And these are only from the top of my head, but they're all valid; the food we eat (whole, natural, processed, fatty) affects the way our mind, soul and body looks, performs and feels. Thoughts become feelings, things and actions, which become habits and behaviours. Do you notice how if you hang out with people who are happy or calm, you start feel it too? Or if you're around people who complain (for the sake of it, not productive) and gossip all the time, you eventually catch yourself doing the same? I can complain, oh yeah for sure but does it add value? Not when will you hear me complain? Not often..* Every decision we've made, the experiences we've been through have contributed to who we are - good or bad, they add to the story of who we are. Classic example from the previous post; we whakapapa to our natural environment, which originates from (and is) the universe itself. You are, you exist, you're here.

Pure bliss atop the maunga in the Pilbara. Western Australia, 2017.

Today's take on environment is the space we spend most of lives in: work. Our careers, professions, how we fund our lavish and pono lifestyles. I'm currently working a job I dislike - the tasks are mundane and mind numbing but it allows me to see more of the land I now reside in and it serves a purpose (of which I have to remind myself of constantly), so I'm grateful for the opportunity to work and provide above all else. This situation I'm in is really funny when I think about it, because I'm an advocate and believe wholeheartedly that the world would be a better place if we each fulfilled our dreams and pursued what we're passionate about, rather than settling for a job that get's us by or pays well - but kills us little by little each day so we don't end up living at all. I still believe in that, but I also believe in doing what must be done and that everything happens as it's meant to. Take a sec, walk with me (figuratively.. imagination guys come on, I'm taking you on a journey); I've moved to a new place (Perth), with hopes and dreams and I pretty much have to build a business and personal reputation/brand from scratch. Cool. I know what I want to do and to get it, I haven't yet been blessed with waking up and having it all laid out on the table (but I'm still hopeful!) which means I have to work towards/for it. Of course. So, my pursuits have setup and maintenance costs ($), my living has expenses ($) and basically, I have a responsibility to provide for myself and my whānau. If that means working in a job I don't like for a little bit, while I set up my business/passions to become profitable and able to support us, that's what I'll do. Minimum standard requirement. 

"It's not about money," 100% true. Another truth; money is the major form of currency exchange in the world, that I live in anyway, so until I figure out how to trump the system I'll play by their rules and deal with money. I've been blessed to set up connections based on trading expertise and service - an area I'd like to grow and develop but that's for another time, where were we... Ahh yes more importantly... if you read the above paragraph properly, I say 'if people pursued what they were passionate about.' You can get paid to do something you enjoy; one of my passions mean I capture nature, precious moments, get to meet awesome souls, travel all over the place and get paid for it?!! Check. Mate.

Back to working jobs we don't enjoy/don't provide us with fulfilment and pay us not to realise our wildest dreams. SMALL SCALE; tahi: I know I don't want to do this job longer than I have to and it's already been too long in my opinion, so I had better get my A into G in building my empire. Rua: it builds character, if I can do a good job in a position I don't like, I can't even imagine the amazing stuff I could do in something I actually take pride in and care about, and it also reiterates who I am and what I do is determined by me, not a job title because;

Committing to excellence is a lifestyle choice.

Toru: I've got people to pay. BIG SCALE: I want to help people get out of this exact situation; settling for a life that doesn't motivate or inspire them to share what they were born into this world to share. It's a waste and breaks my heart. Sure, not everyone wants to take or be in photos, or a surgeon.. not everyone wants to write, be an athlete, run their own business, be a chef, paint, teach or build or whatever. But someone out there does! And they rob themselves of the opportunity to become who they're meant to be and inspire others in the process when they don't pursue their dreams or at least try.º Or at another point on the spectrum, we have humans who believe they can get what they want because they want it, therefore they should receive it.. because they simply want it, not because they've worked on and developed the skills necessary for the role.

How insignificant does one feel as they look out and see the enormity of the land around them? Very small and insignificant, twas a humbling experience up here. Western Australia, 2017.

Our choice of profession, is largely affected by our environment. Not always but a lot of the time. From the Stone Age came the Bronze, the Iron Age and the information and technology era we're blessed to live in now. Our environment (on a general scale) has developed and redeveloped itself over and over again throughout the years to cater to new knowledge, past mistakes, discoveries, technology and much more. Rūaumoko rumbled in his mother's womb a few years ago down in Christchurch, NZ (an earthquake struck), and the city has been rebuilding ever since = construction jobs rise. The online and IT (information technology) world is swiftly taking over the world = online gamers, developers, technicians and the like are sought after for their expertise.  The generations before us created our current social and working environment, and that environment continues the cycle by producing the demand for such services. What a surprise, it's all connected.. who would've thought...

Many of us are stuck in the 'rat race', a pointless pursuit of dollars to pay bills. That ain't living. Why even take up oxygen from people out there trying their best and putting themselves out there to share their gift with the world? Yes, certain situations can't be helped like having Beyonce as your mum or your parents being BFFs with the CEOs of major corporations who can get you an easy in to the company. So what.. it is how it is sometimes, stay in your lane and control what you can control. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and take a job you detest, I get that, I'm living that right now.. but if I settle in this job and get comfy, if I give up on self-mastery and knowing myself as intimately as I can and sharing whatever it is I have to share.. what was it all for? What was the point of my tupuna's (ancestors) voyage across the lands and oceans many years ago? What was the point for my kuia and koroua (nan & grandad) to fight for our Reo (language)  and establish Kura Kaupapa Māori (total immersion Māori school, and Te Aho Matua framework). It would be for nothing, and it would be a waste of the universes time in creating me. I dunno about you but I'm not here to waste anyones time.

Our environment shapes us in the experiences we learn and grow from and our working lives takes up a great chunk of our timeline while we're here on Earth. To say that we hate and want to forget about a certain part of our past means we're dismissing the role they had in shaping who we are today. Don't do that, all things serve their purpose - the naysayers, the haters; they keep the fire inside burning bright because the look on their faces is gonna look so priceless when we make it and for myself, they make me think about I really believe in what I'm doing, what I'm about. The 'missed opportunities'; I have faith that nothing that is meant for me will ever miss me. No matter how much I wanted to represent my country playing sport - I got in my own way and so it wasn't meant to be, I'm not cutting out the possibility (dreams are free) but I know I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing. The mistakes; I've been super embarrassed  because I didn't know things which lead to huge mistakes - I beat myself up for not knowing, sounds silly right but how many of you do the same or go hard on others for it? It's all learning and there's always something to take away.. no matter how tiny. The sucky-in-between-jobs: I use mine as a reminder every day to keep chasing my dreams and live them and it is just that, an “in between job.” I've been in a building phase for the past 8 months or so and this is just the next level - if you have the right attitude and perspective (not to be confused with being delusional), you'll see the opportunities in everything. For instance, although I don't like the work I'm doing; it allows me to see the Australian Outback, to meet new people and to fund new gear as well. So I don't see it as step backward or taking a break from my mission, it's just another piece to the puzzle and means it's time to level up...

Who's with me?


Kia ora rawa atu,




*In the future, consider the difference between someone complaining (for attention, to hear their own voice) vs stating facts. eg. If someone has a headache and they voice that pain, you should probably address it vs someone with a headache who tells anyone who will listen at least five times, doesn't do anything about it and so becomes a headache for others. Complaining can be productive and serve a purpose; indigenous people all around the world protesting for their rights, lands and heritage.

º “Certain circumstances are just how they are. People are born into the right family; have a solid support network, tons of money.. So what, you've been dealt your hand - play your cards the way that works for you. Don't like the cards? Make something happen.”