what does 'healthy' mean to you?


Is it completely organic, free range, locally sourced, superfood, all natural, whole food, cruelty free, carbon-neutral, ethically sourced, zero-waste….? Sound like a bit of health to you? Sound like a headache? Lol

Then… you’ve got healthy lifestyle, healthy relationships, healthy mental state, healthy kai etc. does healthy look the same across the board?

Then…. you’ve got what’s been passed down through the generations and what you may have learned at school, through the media, what you’ve been told is healthy but could be outdated… most probably is outdated information what with all the advances of technology, and the access to knowledge and information.

As you reflect on these different elements and start to define what healthy is for you, keep this in mind:

we each have different whakapapa (ancestry) which affects our chemical and biological makeup

we most likely have different lifestyles and demands from day-to-day (different input/output requirements, also whakapapa)

But more important than our differences are how we share a common origin, in our natural environment. Since we descend from Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), Ranginui (Sky Father) and all the atua (elemental forces) in between and we’re all connected through whakapapa,

our health is dependent on their health too.

Do you make decisions, conscious of the impact it might have not only on you and your whānau but the environment as well? Should you?

Where do you start? How do you start? What’s the best system to put in place? How do we stay on the waka, stay motivated and enthusiastic with making ‘healthy/healthier’ choices?

Heavy questions haha and some don’t need answers right away.. or at all. But as long as we’re mindful of them, mindful of the impact our decisions make, we can start to affect positive, healthy change for ourselves, for our community and for our tupuna, the natural environment as well.

Tēnā tātou,


ps: if you have any tips for the questions above, feel free to comment below!

Hana TapiataComment