it all comes down to habits.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”

— the pāps Aristotle.

That also implies that laziness, being average and all those mediocre things are habit too. SO if you have things in your life you’d like to change, look at the habits that made it so.. for instance, I’m currently the heaviest I’ve been for a while, also the softest and rolly-est I’ve been too lol ain’t nothing wrong with that and I love my body whatever it looks and feels like.. and if I was taking care of myself and eating good kai, getting some physical exercise in now and then and making time to chill and rest — I’d be fine with that.

buuuuuuuuuuut I haven’t been.

My diet has included a lot of sugar and processed kai, and due to poor planning (surprise surprise) I haven’t made time to train, meditate & visualise as often as I want or need to.

My habits have been off. All of the internal, unseen stuff like systems, rituals and processes have been mediocre and my physical appearance and weight is the result of that. Nothing major, we’ve all had these types of phases in our lives when ‘life’ intensifies and we no longer make time for the habits we know work for us and keep us in that peak state of being.

I’ve identified a few of the areas I want to work on, including:

  • increase water intake

  • eat whole foods

  • daily physical activity

  • meditate & visualise (at least 1hr daily)

  • more/better sleep and rest and more…

But I’m not gonna focus on all of those things, all at once.. I’ve tried the massive overhaul of everything in the past and it’s been great, until it wasn't. Slowly but surely, it all unravelled. Don’t lose the faith though, there’s hope! A book I finished reading a few weeks ago, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, has been opened my eyes to “the power of habit” lol as the title suggests (I recommend it 100%). Anyway, in the book he mentions keystone habits which are like the drop in the pool that causes the ripple effect

— the habit that impacts on all others.

So instead of trying to focus on all of these different things, I’m going to start keeping a daily record of what I eat. With the idea that I’ll be more conscious of what I want documented, so I’ll make better food choices > this will improve my energy levels and mindset > which will make me more productive and focused > leading to a more balanced schedule > time to exercise, meditate and visualise > uptake in water > a better sleep routine > a healthier me in every sense of the word…

That’s the theory anyway.. time to experiment!

Ngā mihi,


Hana TapiataComment