hauora: the blog


I was gonna jump straight in there and talk learnings from vipassana, my current training schedule, mindfulness and engaging with Tāwhirimātea (atua of air, wind).. but of course - gotta give some context and share a little backstory for this new blog, hauora.

Where to start? Ok, Io… ha jk, I mean the bro created everything so of course, it all starts with Io. But fast forward a little bit to me starting Hina just over two years ago.. sharing how I apply tupuna mātauranga (ancestral knowledge) to daily life.. which grew into the vlogs, the book, public speaking, workshops and the radio… and it’s all related to hauora, but still very much ‘lifestyle blog.’ So the desire to create a space that was specifically for what I’m doing, thinking about or experimenting with in terms of improving and sustaining optimal hauora has been on the back burner, marinading, for some time.

The nearest translation I know is ‘health and wellness’, or we could break it down like:

hā - breath

hau - wind

ū - to be firm, resolute, breast

o - of

ora - live, life

rā - day, abbreviation of Tama-nui-te-rā (sun, spark of life)

hā/u/ora, hau/o/rā, hau/ora.

So let’s go with a basic translation of hauora: breath of life. This blog will feature what I do, don’t do and think about to keep it that way - to keep the breath alive with vitality, and not to compromise it (with decisions that impact negatively on health and wellness).

And I just wanna make it clear from the start that I’m not just talking about my breath. Our taiao (natural environment) breathes too. So this blog will focus not only on how my decisions impact me, but how they affect Papatūānuku, Tāwhiri, Tangaroa and the rest of te ira atua (elemental beings, gods) as well. Because, whakapapa. I descend from them, they live on through me - eg. if I’m well, but the planet isn’t? I’m not well, I’m sick too, because we’re all connected. #whakapapa

From nutrition and kai recipes, to workouts, sleeping patterns, mindfulness, to making more conscious decisions for the taiao (that ultimately benefit us too, yass) - I’ll share all that on this blog.

Please comment and share what you want to see or learn about, who you might want to hear from in regards to improving and sustaining hauora? And everything in between. Be something for ya, every Monday.

Tēnā tātou,