People & Place: The TPFF pre-show team.

The 2017 TPFF (Telstra Perth Fashion Festival) ran from 6-17 September and boy did my eyes open up to how much  work goes into pulling off such a mammoth event, here's some of what that looked like. Yeah there's the year long planning and preparation that takes place in the office, but I'm not talking about that (it'd be hard to take prep photos of an event you only heard about when you applied to work it). I'm talking about the running around and behind the scenes action that isn't showcased. The breakdowns, the mix ups, the designers who demand the sun and the moon, the clash of the egos, the volunteers who are sacrificed to complete tedious, meticulous but highly important tasks. Who knew someone actually had to set up the fitting space (where designers, models and their garments come together to be paired before the shows), pick up the hundreds of shoes (kindly sponsored by Betts shoes), set up the clothes rails, tape the shoes, pick up and drop off gear and travel back and forth and back and forth, and back..... again.. Who knew... I missed out on seeing it all come together during the main show week (was in the Maldives, obviously took one for the team), but I did manage to capture the process of bringing all the pieces together.

Dhiva and Ivana going through their looks for the Claremont Quarter show. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Models between fittings. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Mitchell reckons I have no hope, my fashion sense is beyond help. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Designer making final measurements to her garments during final fittings. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Mitchell preparing some of the Rachel Gilbert collection. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Suits make the man, or man makes the suit? TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Shoe details, sponsored by Betts Shoes. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Kim sorting through  Betts  shoe collection. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Kim sorting through Betts shoe collection. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Model fittings with the project manager, Ivana. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Fittings are a long process. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Dhiva keeping the troops on task and on the same page. Comms is key. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Mia, collections manager is never not on her phone organising and making sure things are where they need to be. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Stirling, the face of $1m. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Shoe taping; the bane of my life this week. Shoes are sponsored and must be returned after the shoe, the soles are taped to keep them in good, resellable condition. There were 600+ shoes by the way. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Kim checking details with her team. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017.

Classy Mia. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Shoes details. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Ivana making sure the look is perfect. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Last minute adjustments. TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017

Note taking is so key, you've gotta note down which accessories go with which outfit, with which shoes... TPFF, Hana Photography, 2017