Some quotes I’ve come across (or my own) that I wanted to get more in-depth with.. keen to hear your perspective of these, or your favourites if you have any? Tukuna mai! Send them through via the form below.


our capacity for greatness is pre-ordained, as part of our whakapapa.


What are you fighting for if you become the thing you’ve been fighting against?


do you understand what you’re asking for?


If Tāne ascended to Tikitikiōrangi and in doing so, realised his potential, and he’s our tupuna so he lives on through us, our capacity for greatness is pre-ordained, as part of our whakapapa..

because we are whakapapa in action. my inspo for this week.


Another one from the weekend.. can’t remember exactly where it came from, but it stuck with me - noted it down phone - then found myself in a conversation/space that made me think of this straight away!

if you must put someone, a group of people or a kaupapa down to advance your own - you’ve already lost and what are you fighting for if you’ve become the thing you’ve been fighting against, your tupuna have been fighting against and no doubt at this rate, your mokopuna will be fighting against in the future… because this type of behaviour is divisive and incites negative feels and thoughts that keep people psychologically incarcerated in their own hatred..

it takes up space we could use for productive, creative, meaningful conversations, kaupapa and energy.


This one popped up over the weekend as I was planning and preparing for the week ahead - it must’ve been in a video or something.. I often have daydreams/dreams and find my mind wondering about what I might accomplish during my time here. Some ambitious and completely unrealistic lol some simple and some, bold - even for me. Then this question pops up and I check myself - do I even comprehend how audacious I am to be asking this of myself?! Of life?! Sometimes, not knowing has proved to be beneficial for me - and other times… not so much ha still figuring out how much is enough/not enough before committing to something.. but my default is, understanding/knowing and accepting that dreams and aspirations require sacrifice.

The greater the dream, probably equates to a greater sacrifice.