Self-Awareness Doesn't Begin With Self


Self-Awareness Doesn't Begin With Self


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About the book….

Māori were once described as the 'most perfect physical specimens on Earth'; that can mainly be attributed to their daily rituals, their diet and the connection with self, each other and their natural environment.

Cool, that was hundreds of years ago... life was different then..

And a lot of the books written about ancient knowledge systems and ways of living (and how awesome they are) are difficult to read, more difficult to interpret and make it seem impossible to apply to our lives today.

This book is an 'in between.' A guide to understanding why self-awareness doesn't start with 'self', how a change in mindset changes your reality, how to be self-determining and more..

This book interprets ancient knowledge and presents it in a format that is easy to understand and will also demonstrate how practical the systems and philosophies can be applied to daily life.

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