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‘The Whakapapa Effect’ is multimedia show about lifestyle design.

Whakapapa translates to ‘make flat’, ‘genealogy’, ‘process’ and ‘connection.’  “The whakapapa effect” is a term I coined to describe the effect processes can have on a person, the choices they make, their worldview and the lifestyle they create for themselves.

We often see and share the results of process; the success, the wins, the awesome opportunities, but not so much the process of attaining those things.  i.e. the mess, the struggles, the doubt, the lowlights, the times we get it wrong and miss the mark… but we wouldn’t be who we are today or where we are today if it wasn’t for every part of the process, if it wasn’t for whakapapa.

We wouldn’t have the perspective, humility, understanding and capacity to do the things to do and be who we are if it wasn’t for whakapapa, if it wasn’t for the process.  It’s beautiful, it develops character and I reckon we need to be sharing more of the process, more of the reality of what it means to be self-determining with your life.

So, that’s why I wanted to start this thing! Collecting kōrero and due to launch around Rākaunui (full moon) in April. Follow @thewhakapapaeffect on instagram to keep updated.

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