I LOVE TO TRAVEL and I've been beyond lucky to have experienced a lot of different places around the world. To see, taste, hear and feel what makes one country and people different from the next, and what binds us all together. 


From Singapore, the two bandits carried onto Bali to see the new year through. There were a few 'firsts' on this trip for me, including:

First time driving a scooter and first time crashing a scooter..







My whānau met in Singapore for Christmas and got to experience a lot of cool stuff. This was also the first time my fiancé met my mum and younger brother - a little bit backwards to how it traditionally goes down but they've met, we ate amazing food and were constantly amazed at the structures and sights of Singapura.


Kuredu  | Maldives

My darling and I visited the Maldives for a spontaneous getaway and it did not disappoint! Oh and we got engaged there too..



CHRISTMAS & New Years 2017

Sapa, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City | Vietnam

My whānau and I met in Vietnam as we all live in three different countries. To say the people are hardworking is an understatement, they hustle like nobody's business..




Oahu | Hawaii

Before my tupuna (ancestors) settled in Aotearoa (NZ), they thrived in Hawaii - so that technically makes me Hawaiian.. just roll with it. I spent two months here, staying with ohana (family), and connecting with new and familiar faces and places.