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a day in the life… number two! the following week.. more insight again, trying to work up to a daily thing..

a day in the life… something new I’m playing around with.. more of an insight into daily life

He tono!

Ā tērā tau au ka haereere noa i te whenua..

"the language is a vehicle to gain an insight into the Māori worldview.. and if you have the opportunity to take on a worldview that describes tamariki as pure, chiefly, divine and godly and you decide that has no value..

the language isn’t the problem..

How do you know who you are, if you don't know who, what, or where you come from?

Hai te Mahuru au ka haereere i Aotearoa kōrero ai mo tāku pukapuka, me ētahi kaupapa kē atu.. he kaupapa tautoko tēnei i ngā kura kaupapa Māori..

I'm writing a book! And I want to include and bring in as many people as I can to the process; I'm looking for someone to design the cover... 

Check out the link here for more details on the book and the crowdfunding side of it too. Kia ora rawa atu.

Instead of talking about if someone looks Māori (or substitute with any other race/ethnicity/peoples here), let's change that narrative..

"Nothing that is meant for me will ever miss me"

A lesson for haters.